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Dental Bonding

Our friendly staff and experienced dentist strives to give every single one of our patients access to the leading general and restorative dentistry treatments that will result in a beautiful, straight, and healthy smile. Unfortunately, even those patients that are extremely careful about their teeth and their own oral health may find themselves with minor gaps in their smile or damage to their teeth. For these individuals, Dr. Shindler is proud to be able to offer some of the most effective solutions, including dental bonding.

Minor gaps between one’s teeth are a very common condition. While this will not always affect one’s overall health, many patients would like to renew the appearance of their smile in order to achieve a more complete and balanced look. Chips and fractures to the teeth are another major concern. These are often the result of trauma to the face during physical activities such as sporting events. Those that chew on hard objects, such as pens and nails, will be at a much higher risk of chipping their teeth as well.

Dental bonding
remains one of the best choices for those that would like to restore the appearance of their smile as well as the function of their teeth without invasive or expensive procedures. This process will begin with our dentist using an abrasive material to roughen the outside of the teeth where the dental bonding will take place. We can then slowly mold this composite and place it directly on the teeth. It can then be held in place with a powerful solution and the use of a curing light.

Our dentist will work closely with every single patient to ensure that the "dental bonding" material perfectly matches the shape and color of the surrounding natural teeth. With the proper aftercare habits, patients will then be able to enjoy their new look for 15 years or longer.

No one ever needs to struggle with a smile that they are not completely satisfied with. If you or a loved one is currently on the search for quick and painless way to reinvent your appearance, contact our dental office today.